In the Last 1000 years we have reached a great many things. The most remote parts of the Earth are not a Secret anymore, the Internet brings us all closer together every day, and almost every day we see new amazing Discoveries in Research and Development. We just have to look what we as a Human Race achieved the Last Century.

Now we are at the beginning of a new Century, a new Millennium, the beginning of a New Era.  

In the Last Century Pioneers have reached the distant parts of this earth, and every steps on their way discoveries were made, to the benefit of all of us.

I am convinced, today more than ever before that we need Pioneers, Rebels, Renegades and Mavericks. People that think different, and that want to do today what will be in the History books tomorrow.

Now is the time to start off to a new Adventure, the biggest in the History of Mankind.

Into the endless possibilities of Space.


So the biggest problem there is is a pretty simple one right? You attentive reader can probably guess what it is…. Space is really far away. And when you hear the Word Space Travel you are thinking of a big old Rocket. Am I right? And this is where it gets interesting. Follow me on a little thought experiment. Have you ever been in a really tall building? The ones that you find in the Center of every bigger city? The Top of this Building is really far away. So I think you can compare a Rocket to stairs. It gets you all the way to the top BUT it takes way to much effort. What’s the furthest you have ever walked up on stairs? Usually not super far right? BECAUSE if you are like me you don’t want to walk up all this stairs because it is so much work so your are taking (drum roll and a moment to prepare yourself for this) AN ELEVATOR.

What does the Elevator have to do with space?  A LOT!

So what if we could build a Bridge all the Way up to space? Which, the Word Bridge or Elevator in this case means something different then what you are picturing. Even though we will keep the great Elevator Music. It will basically be a long cable connecting the surface of the Earth to a space station. And once you are there anything is possible, the Universe is your Playground.



Great Question with a SImple Answer. BECAUSE it will take a lot of commitment, a lot of work and a lot of creativity. All great advances in history have been based on someone who did the unthinkable. Think of the Pioneers here on earth that Conquered new Areas, new Kontinents. Why did no one discover America yet even though it has been there the whole time? Cause no one was creative enough to ask the right questions, to get started and to invest that work and applied that creativity.

So is it easy? No.

Is it possible? Yes.

Is it worth it? YES!

The United Nations estimate that by the End of this Century there will be 11 Billion people on this earth. And the Resources get less and less. And the less resources there are the more conflict there will be. So in Space we can find unlimited Resources and Unlimited Space.

Think of the Pioneers that have influenced your life. Are you ready to influence others?

So what is the next Step for Humankind?



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The Space Pioneer Project will consist of three Phases. Each of them will be a crucial step for the next Phase. To understand this better let us look at the Basics first.


The Distance between Earth and GEO (Geostationary orbit) equals 22 236 miles (35 786km). That sounds like an impossible distance to connect with a human made construct but compared to the United States Highway System, which equals about 164000 miles (264000 km), it does not seem to long anymore.

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The biggest Challenge in Space Travel is Gravity. Earth’s Standard Gravity is 9.80665 m/s2 . In Order to leave Planet Earth It is necessary to accelerate an Object to a Speed higher than Earth’s Gravity. Today our Standard Solution for doing so is using compact substances that have a high Energy release when burned. That is what a Rocket does. It is not very effective. Transporting Objects to Space is very cost expensive and logistically very restrictive.

To make this Process more effective we will change the way Transport between Earth and Space is done. Instead of using Energy coming out of Chemical Reactions we will Use a Combination of Electrical and Mechanical Energy to move objects. This is not only more effective and protecting the environment, it is also a lot cheaper.

Step 1: Base Tower

The gravitational Force between Earth and GEO is the strongest in the Lowest Section. The Original Plans were assuming that the earth-part of the Space Bridge would be anchored in a floating Platform in the Ocean. This would have given the opportunity to move the Elevator out of the Way of Space Debris and enhance flexibility. While we still favour a location in the Ocean, because it will ensure to be in international property and in the Case of Failure the damage will be little and human life will not be in danger, the structure will be anchored.

Our Research has brought us to favor the Construction of a Tall Tower in the Ocean. It will be a Carbon-Steel- Fiber based Construct with a Concrete Support System in the Lower Section.

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The whole construct will reach a height of about 3000 km. Which is a lot higher than the Burj Khalifa, the currently highest building with 880 m. The Reason why a building of this height doesn’t currently exist is because there was simply no need to exceed current hight. There is a point when building a building where adding additional height will take up more space to build  necessary infrastructure to transport people up and down than it will add additional usable space.

So the economical component of adding usable space vs space necessary for transport infrastructure automatically limits the height of a building. The height limit is an economical one, not a technical reason. Hence the purpose of the tower is not to create additional usable space but to make transport possible this limitation doesn’t apply.

There is no technical limitation to construct a tower of that height and for a Infrastructure Project of its size it relatively economical to construct.

The top of the Tower will be used as a Platform to Transport the Materials that will be necessary for Step 2. We estimate that launching from the tower with our highly effective for this purpose developed launching system will reduce costs at around 70% per kilo.

That will establish a highly effective base that is already fully functioning. It’s possible commercial uses can only be estimated but we assume that 25% of the Tower Construction Costs can be covered by the its use by companies and research groups.

Step 2: The Space Bridge

Once the Base Tower is constructed, we can start with the more challenging part of the project. The Space Bridge or Elevator whatever you prefer to call it. It will be a cable extended from the top of the Tower to a Station in Geostationary Orbit. This will cover about about 33 000km.


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The Main Challenge is that over this long distance the weight towards the ground is getting bigger and bigger. Exercising enormous pressure on the top part of the Bridge. To minimize the pressure we developed a decompression structure that will be able to take off a lot of the weight that would otherwise over challenge the bottom part.


Through the Use of Carbon Nano tubes in Combination with Super light and strong Connection Modules we will be able to connect the Cable with a Space Station that will be the top End of the Space Bridge.


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The Space Station will Orbit the Earth in a 24 Hour cycle and will appear fixed from the Earth. It will be the Base Station for further Exploration of our Solar System.


Step 3: Counterweigt


Through adding a Counterweight on the Other Side of the Space Bridge Structure we can ensure that the whole Elevator will stay in Balance.

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If a  Ship follows the Construction all the Way to its counterweight the rotation will automatically give it the acceleration needed to leave earths gravity field. This will by achieved solely by electrical means without polluting our Environment.


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Economic Implications

The Economics of a Space Pioneers Project are fascinating.

Direct Economics

Based on our Research the costs to construct a perpetual Connection between Earth Surface and Space will sum up to about 3 Billion Dollars. Which is a very small sum for a big Infrastructure Project. There are bridges on earth today that costed more to be constructed. Or to say it differently this equals about the World’s Daily spending on Alcohol.

The current costs to send a pound to space are estimated around 5000$ (10000$ per kilo) upwards.

Which means that even if you work your whole live (depending on you Salary) you will not be able to afford to send even your Body/your body weight worth of weight into Space. So only big companies or government agencies can barely afford doing space travel.

And now to the Amazing part. To bring one pound from Earth to space it will cost you 5000$ (10000$ per kilo) .

THATS A LOT OF MONEY. (I had to write this in caps to underline this point)

Most people will probably not be able to afford to bring their own body weight to space while

The great advantage that a Space Bridge has is that the entire elevation process is based on Electricity instead of burning great amounts of fuel. That is not only a huge environmental advantage, but it also lowers the cost significantly.

To elevate a pound the whole from the Earth Surface to Space estimate a cost of about 10-15 Dollars. Judging of Big Earth based Transportation and Infrastructure the Real Cost are usually only a fraction of what the estimated costs per pound/kilo are.


In a theoretical scenerio 50$ per Kilo can be charged and the Elevator would repay the Invested money within 3-5 years which is a very short term break-even point.

This is excluding all extra income generated by Advertisment, Payments by the Media, uses for Telecommunication and other additional sources of income.

Indirect Economics

The Worth of Resources in the Closer surrounding of the Earth is astronomic. A single Asteroid averages 100000000000000000000$ (100 Trillion) in worth, close to the Gross World Product (the Market Value of all Products and Services produced on earth in a year). Furthermore there is almost unlimited commercial use of Space.

The Commercial and scientific advancements made by Humanity are unlimited.

Since the beginning of Mankind the whole purpose of living has been to ensure enough resources to be able to survive. The majority of all Conflicts and every problems recorded in Human History have been related to resources and the possesion thereof.

What would we do if having Resources doesn’t matter anymore? If Energy and Resources are available in unlimited amounts? What would we dedicate our exsistance to?

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The Future

The Future is now.


We are in the Process of building this Space Bridge. After our intense research is completed now, we are starting to make the next steps.


Step 1: Crowdfunding Campain

After all our Research is done and our Portfolio is made we need to have our Results, Research and Plans verified and attested by well known recognized experts of their field.

We will launch a Crowd funding campaign to be able to collect the funds necessary to do such a verification since the cost to ratify, test and affirm a project of this size are enourmous.

Once our Portfolio is proven by experts and we have run the final tests on our Programs we will start searching for big investors that are willing to back the first part of this Project.


Step 2: Search for Investors

It is estimated that the first operation to successfully have access to space will likely control 95% of future space economy.


A proven Conept to build a Space Bridge in Combination with renomated experts and Organisations that confirm our Research give us a solid base to negotiate. Astronomic Revenues in Combination with a Short term break even point should attract also private investors in Combination with big governmental and semi-governmental organisations.

At this point we will have a foolproof blueprint, all we need is money to buy the parts and put them together.


Part 3: Construction

The estimated construction time is 10-15 years.

We will follow the three Step Construction detailed in the How? Section of our Website.

It will take a while because we will have to built something that has never been done before. And we won’t make mistakes.



This is the biggest Project in the History of Humanity. Be a part of it. What we offer you for your Support is a first row seat. Once we built it you are the first ones to try it. It will change the way humanity is and how we define yourself as a race. Endless possibilities.


Ready to be a Pioneer ?



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