Economic Implications

The Economics of a Space Pioneers Project are fascinating.

Direct Economics

Based on our Research the costs to construct a perpetual Connection between Earth Surface and Space will sum up to about 3 Billion Dollars. Which is a very small sum for a big Infrastructure Project. There are bridges on earth today that costed more to be constructed. Or to say it differently this equals about the World’s Daily spending on Alcohol.

The current costs to send a pound to space are estimated around 5000$ (10000$ per kilo) upwards.

Which means that even if you work your whole live (depending on you Salary) you will not be able to afford to send even your Body/your body weight worth of weight into Space. So only big companies or government agencies can barely afford doing space travel.

And now to the Amazing part. To bring one pound from Earth to space it will cost you 5000$ (10000$ per kilo) .

THATS A LOT OF MONEY. (I had to write this in caps to underline this point)

Most people will probably not be able to afford to bring their own body weight to space while

The great advantage that a Space Bridge has is that the entire elevation process is based on Electricity instead of burning great amounts of fuel. That is not only a huge environmental advantage, but it also lowers the cost significantly.

To elevate a pound the whole from the Earth Surface to Space estimate a cost of about 10-15 Dollars. Judging of Big Earth based Transportation and Infrastructure the Real Cost are usually only a fraction of what the estimated costs per pound/kilo are.


In a theoretical scenerio 50$ per Kilo can be charged and the Elevator would repay the Invested money within 3-5 years which is a very short term break-even point.

This is excluding all extra income generated by Advertisment, Payments by the Media, uses for Telecommunication and other additional sources of income.

Indirect Economics

The Worth of Resources in the Closer surrounding of the Earth is astronomic. A single Asteroid averages 100000000000000000000$ (100 Trillion) in worth, close to the Gross World Product (the Market Value of all Products and Services produced on earth in a year). Furthermore there is almost unlimited commercial use of Space.

The Commercial and scientific advancements made by Humanity are unlimited.

Since the beginning of Mankind the whole purpose of living has been to ensure enough resources to be able to survive. The majority of all Conflicts and every problems recorded in Human History have been related to resources and the possesion thereof.

What would we do if having Resources doesn’t matter anymore? If Energy and Resources are available in unlimited amounts? What would we dedicate our exsistance to?