The Future

The Future is now.


We are in the Process of building this Space Bridge. After our intense research is completed now, we are starting to make the next steps.


Step 1: Crowdfunding Campain

After all our Research is done and our Portfolio is made we need to have our Results, Research and Plans verified and attested by well known recognized experts of their field.

We will launch a Crowd funding campaign to be able to collect the funds necessary to do such a verification since the cost to ratify, test and affirm a project of this size are enourmous.

Once our Portfolio is proven by experts and we have run the final tests on our Programs we will start searching for big investors that are willing to back the first part of this Project.


Step 2: Search for Investors

It is estimated that the first operation to successfully have access to space will likely control 95% of future space economy.


A proven Conept to build a Space Bridge in Combination with renomated experts and Organisations that confirm our Research give us a solid base to negotiate. Astronomic Revenues in Combination with a Short term break even point should attract also private investors in Combination with big governmental and semi-governmental organisations.

At this point we will have a foolproof blueprint, all we need is money to buy the parts and put them together.


Part 3: Construction

The estimated construction time is 10-15 years.

We will follow the three Step Construction detailed in the How? Section of our Website.

It will take a while because we will have to built something that has never been done before. And we won’t make mistakes.



This is the biggest Project in the History of Humanity. Be a part of it. What we offer you for your Support is a first row seat. Once we built it you are the first ones to try it. It will change the way humanity is and how we define yourself as a race. Endless possibilities.


Ready to be a Pioneer ?